Sir  Thomas Hardy

1860 Captain George Richards in his surveying ship, the Plumber, christened the island.

King George III’s Navy was well represented in these parts:

The largest island was named after Rear Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson.

The next largest for his friend, Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy.

Hardy was Lord Nelson’s captain on the on the Victory at the battle of Trafalgar. It was in Hardy’s arms that the mortally wounded Nelson died uttering the immortal words, “Never haul down the colours to France for your men will stick to you.”

1892 Dec 17th Alexander Grant and Harry Tegg were crown granted one lot each for $1.00 per acre.
Grant paid $723 for lot 1487
Tegg paid $844 for lot 1488
Next Year Grant paid $207 for lot 1486
Tegg paid $185 for lot 1489

1903 Tegg and Grant forfeited their lands to the Crown for tax arrears except Tegg managed to keep lot 1489

1906 The 3 forfeited lands were sold to John McLelland MacKinnon for $267.17

1911 Nov 16th all four lots were transferred to a James S. Emerson

1911 all four lots were transferred back to John McLelland MacKinnon They built a luxury home near Alexander Point.

TomBrazil   Tom Brazil

In 1912 Tom Brazil a colorful local legend became the resident caretaker,a position he held for over 50 years. He became known for, his love of animals befriending many of the 200+ deer on the island, his trademark black bowler hat, and when traveling between the islands rowing standing up.

1915 Jean MacKinnon to whom her husband had transferred the island sold it to Christopher John Leyland of Beal Northumberlandshire,England for $32,000.

1927 On Leylands death the island was transferred to John Murray Naylor and Christopher Digby Leyland for $11,930. The younger Leyland was a retired captain in the British Army and an owner of a castle in England; this is the islands touch with nobility.
1930 Le Roy A. Macomber a wealthy lawyer and financier from Seattle bought the island for $10,000. It was Macomber who legalized the game preserve that Tom Brazil developed for almost fifty years.

1951 Marion Macomber sells the island to E.R. Gibson retired of Sechelt and R.R. Howay a civil servant of New Westminister.

Gibson bought out Howay

1953 Gibson sells the island to Northern Development Ltd. (known locally as Scott Paper Products) for $75,000

1979 Northern Developments sells to T & S Logging for $3,800,000 a final transfer was made to Hardy Island Developments Ltd. for a total of $600,000 the owners of Hardy Island Developments were Digby Porter and Ian Mahood.

1983 Northern Developments sells island to Hardy Island Sea Farms a Norwegian based group. This group built the building in 1985 now referred to as the retreat on lot 12 for their resident staff, the adjacent building was their warehouse also constructed were docks, roads and many out buildings. This business failed in the 90’s.

The four district lots were then sold in 1994 to 4 separate companies:

DL 1486 – 207 acres was subdivide into 5 lots 4 sold to individuals and the 5th to BC government who designated it a marine park.
DL 1487 – 723 acres was subdivided into 20 lots with the companies 16 shareholders each acquiring one lot and the remaining 4 lots being sold.
DL 1488/1489 – 1029 acres was subdivided in 1997 into 47 lots and marketing began after the completion of all necessary development works.